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Traveling with Pets

We recognize that a pet is an important member of the family, which is why your pet can travel comfortably and safely with you on the main passenger deck of the M.V. Coho... Your pet deserves to enjoy the views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca too!

Please Note: Pets must be on a leash at all times while on the main passenger deck. It is recommended that smaller pets travel in a pet carrier.

Traveling in a Vehicle

Please Note: Transport Canada regulations restrict passenger access to the vehicle deck during the crossing.

If you are traveling with a pet and you are in a vehicle, you can do one of the following:

1. Bring your pet upstairs to the main passenger deck. Well-behaved pets are allowed in all areas of the main passenger deck, with the exception of the coffee shop and forward observation lounge. If your pet prefers a quieter space, the covered solarium on the outer deck may be a good option. 

2. Your pet can remain in your vehicle on the vehicle deck, but you and any other passengers cannot remain on the vehicle deck. In the unlikely event of an emergency, you may ask a crew member to access the vehicle deck.

Traveling as a Walk-on

If you are traveling as a walk-on passenger with a pet, you will board and disembark the ship via the passenger ramp. If your pet is anxious around others, we recommend that you wait outside the terminal until the boarding area clears out.

Once you board the ship, well-behaved pets accompanied by their owners can remain on the main passenger deck, with the exception of the coffee shop and forward observation lounge. For pets that are anxious or more vocal, the covered solarium on the outer deck is a good option. 

Please Note: All walk-on passengers will be processed by Customs upon arrival. If your pet is anxious around others, consider disembarking the ship after other travelers.

tips for traveling with pets

  • Make sure you have the proper travel documents for your pet to cross the border. Dogs must travel with a valid rabies certificate.  
  • Don't allow your pet to over eat or drink before arriving at your departure terminal.
  • Take your pet for a walk before boarding the ship.
  • Ensure your pet has water on a hot day. Water dishes are located in the solarium on the outer deck. If you prefer to stay in the mid ship lounge, please plan accordingly. 
  • If it is the first time your pet is traveling with us, or they are anxious travelers, bring a familiar item from home with you such as a blanket or toy.
  • If you leave your pet in your vehicle on the vehicle deck, leave your windows partially open. 
  • Seating and tables are for human travelers. Please do not allow your pet to sit on chairs or surfaces that are meant for eating on. 
  • Please respect other passengers. If your pet is loud, please consider sitting on the outer decks of the ship. A portion of the solarium deck is covered.  
  • For the safety of other passengers and crew members, please clean up after your pet. 

We look forward to welcoming you and your pet on board the M.V. Coho!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to travel with a pet?

Pets travel for FREE with us. Our regular ferry fare applies to human travelers.


What does my pet need to cross the border?

All pets are subject to health, quarantine, agriculture, or wildlife requirements and prohibitions, and must be free of disease.

Please Note: Dogs also must have a valid rabies vaccine certificate to cross the border.

If crossing with a puppy, certain paperwork will need to be completed at the border for the “new addition to the family.”

For more information, please visit APHIS's (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) website.

Are pets allowed on the passenger deck?

Yes. The mid ship lounge and solarium are both pet friendly areas. Pets can also remain in your vehicle on the vehicle deck.

Please Note: Pets are not allowed in the coffee shop or forward observation lounge.

Can you book a hotel package with a pet?

Yes. The majority of our hotel partners are pet-friendly.

When reserving a package over the phone, please tell the reservation agent that you would like a pet-friendly room before completing your booking. If you reserve your package online, please call our packaging department with your confirmation number at 877-386-2202 to request a pet-friendly room.

Please Note: Pet fees vary at each hotel, and are to be paid directly to the hotel upon check-in. Please call our packaging department at 877-386-2202 for more information.

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